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Did you know that Alice In Chains used 9 legs worth of dogs in the making of their self titled 1995 album? Or that it would be the final album with vocalist Layne Staley? Which one of the band's hit songs was written as a message to guitarist Jerry Cantrell's girlfriend? Find the answer to these questions and more on... 10 Fun Facts about Alice In Chains' Self Titled Album   1. Nine Legs Worth of Dogs The idea of using a three-legged dog for the cover of Alice In Chains' self titled album was inspired by a real-life three-legged dog named Tripod who used to terrorize drummer Sean Kinney during his childhood job as a paperboy. Unfortunately, Tripod was either unavailable or unwilling to pose for a photo-shoot, so Kinney hired photographer Rocky Schenck to do a three-legged dog photo-shoot near a playground in Downtown Los Angeles. However, none of Schenck's photos would be used on the album cover because the band decided to use an image of a three-legged


Did you know that Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication almost didn't have it's title track on the album? Or that the band was turned down by David Bowie when they approached him to collaborate? Why did singer Anthony Kiedis decide to sing jibberish on one of the album's hit singles? Stick around and we'll answer these questions and more. 10 Fun Facts about Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers   1. Rejected by Bowie Following the release of Red Hot Minute and the ensuing tour, Red Hot Chili Peppers wanted to take their album in a more electronic direction along the lines of U2's Zooroopa . They even asked famed Synth Rocker David Bowie to produce their album. However, the Starman politely declined, and the band went with a familiar face in Rick Rubin who had already produced Red Hot Minute as well as Blood Sugar Sex Magik. As singer Anthony Kiedis told MTV's Kurt Loder:  "We basically called about five other people, you know, from David