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Hypnotize & Mesmerize System Of A Down | Fun Facts Rock | Episode 25

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Master of Puppets (1986) Metallica | Fun Facts Rock | Episode 24

Do you know how much the original artwork for Metallica's Master of Puppets is worth? Why did someone throw a sandwich at guitarist Kirk Hammett? Who was the one-armed man that drummer Lars Ulrich called to borrow something he probably wouldn't be using anymore? Stick around as we answer these questions and more, on.... 10 Fun Facts about Master of Puppets by Metallica YouTube: Click Here / Rumble: Click Here

Metallica St Anger | 10 Fun Facts | Episode 23

Did you know that St Anger is the only Metallica album produced without a bassist? Or that James Hetfield put the album production on hold for almost a year so that he could address a personal issue? What about the popular musician who claimed St Anger is the only album he's taken back to the record store?  Stick around as we answer these questions and more! On...

Metallica Load & Reload | 10 Fun Facts | Episode 22

Did you know why frontman James Hetfield tuned his guitar down on Metallica's Load and Reload albums? Or that there is a disgusting story behind the making of the album covers? What about the popular singer and actress that drank with Metallica in the studio? Stick around as we answer these questions and more, on...

No Doubt Tragic Kingdom | 10 Fun Facts | Episode 21

Did you know that No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom received its name from a 7th grade school teacher? Or that one of the band's biggest hit songs was co-written by Gwen Stefani's brother? What about Gwen's iconic red dress that was stolen from an Orange County museum? Stick around as we answer these questions and more, on... 10 Fun Facts about Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt

Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day | 10 Fun Facts | Episode 20

Did you know that Weird Al Yankovic braided his actual hair for the cover of his Bad Hair Day album? Or that two songs were left off out because he was unable to get permission to perform the songs? What about the fued that developed between Weird Al and Coolio over the song "Amish Paradise?" Stick around as we answer these questions and more, on... 10 Fun Facts about Bad Hair Day by Weird Al Yankovic

Nirvana In Utero | 10 Fun Facts | Episode 19

Did you know that Nirvana's third studio album, In Utero, almost had a completely different title? Or why producer Steve Albini insist that he take 0% of the album's royalty sales? Why did Kurt agree to change a song title to satisfy major retail stores when he was always so against the corporate music industry? Stick around as we answer these questions and more, on... 10 Fun Facts About In Utero by Nirvana 10 Things You Didn't Know About Nirvana In Utero 1. First Take Kurt Cobain sang most of the lyrics on In Utero in one take  and the entire album was produced in only 14 days because Nirvana wanted to release something raw and spontaneous as a follow up to their polished and pre-meditated album Nevermind. The band also elected to work with producer Steve Albini because Cobain was a fan of the primitive sound on Albini produced albums such as Surfer Rosa by the Pixies or Pod by The Breeders. As Albini himself explains: "The bulk of the record Kurt sang in